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Manu's Art

My name is Manuela a Passionate and Certified Art teacher and Contemporary Artist.

I discovered my passion for teaching art in 2008 when I held my first Art Club.

I teach kids, teens, and adults by getting inspiration from masterpieces and by exploring the use of different art mediums such as chalk pastels, oil pastels, acrylic, and more, students will be able to understand how to combine shading techniques and how to create proportions in art. 

I am also developing a way to teach Art in a very calm and relaxing environment by using similar techniques of Art Therapy for people to come and feel safe and embraces into a free place of expression.

I love that my lessons give the kids, teens, and adults a chance to experiment with all sorts of art media in a very encouraging and positive environment.



” Manu’s Arts is a great platform for kids who enjoy painting. It’s been quite a few months that my kid (7yr) is learning art work from Manu and I must say that she’s getting better with every lesson. Manu is a thorough professional and she handles the kids really well. People who have seen her art work would definitely appreciate the level of experience she has in this field. I would highly recommend Manuela to anyone who wants their kid to take up art lessons. Cheer .”

Sandi Das

“Manuela is a great art teacher. She has been teaching my daughter for a few months both face to face and online and my daughter has made lovely paintings with her. Manuela is very patient and cheerful. Highly recommended “

Aditi Mathur

” My girls (5 & 10) are really enjoying Manu’s online art classes. They’re using new materials and learning about art and artists and the results have been fantastic! Manu is calm, patient and kind and a very inspirational teacher. They’ve improved their art skills since starting the classes and they look forward to the class every week. Thank you Manu. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your art classes!”

Belinda White

“There are two things I know for certain about Manuela, the brilliant art teacher whom I have known for nearly two years. One is that she has got her own unique vision of what art is and why it is important for humans to express themselves through art (ask her!). And the other is that she is simply one of the nicest persons one can hope to meet and such a pleasure to interact with. 

Manuela is knowledgeable about everything that has to do with creative expression and believes that feelings and art go hand in hand, but above all, that art should be fun. This is, perhaps, why my daughter cannot wait for her weekly class and tells Manu how much she misses her every time. While generally Manu teaches more advanced classes catering to older children andadults, she has kindly taken on a keen preschooler and adjusted the curriculum accordingly. I am amazed at the progress my daughter made and how she is building her confidence with Manu’s help. I can also recommend adult classes that provide interesting subject matter to explore and are professionally run. Thanks to Manu’s unique teaching style, they also offer a break from the outside world and a quiet moment of exploration and expression that is otherwise hard to come by. “

Ilona Kremenetska